| Pop Up Feast 0.1 |

What do you get when three best friends with a range of skills, a passion for hospitality, great food and wine, highly over active imaginations and a tiny bit of time on their hands get together? Why a 'Pop Up Feast' of course!

What started as a an idea to get some mates together and have a BBQ really escalated, and what we ended up with was an epic night, a three course meal, a 3 metre hanging installation and a lot of laughs. It was an adventure to say the least. Rachel Bethany's part in this event was of course the three metre hanging installation which you can see some images of below. This was definitely only version 0.1 of the 'Pop Up Feast', stay tuned for our next Pop Up which will no doubt be bigger and better!


Ideas man and chef: Caleb Evans // Ideas lady, sous chef, location scouter and photographer: Amy Dobos // Assistant on ground: James Dobos


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