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| ME |

From an early age I have loved flowers. Weddings, events, parties, and people, but mainly flowers. I have always had a wildly active imagination, but I was not the young girl that dreamt of her own wedding, I was too busy dreaming of everyone else's.  Elaborately ‘floralized’ venues, outdoor areas in full bloom, archways covered in foliage and roof tops dripping with roses. I am sure my day will be floralized beyond epic proportion if I marry (sorry possible-future-husband), but in the meantime I am over-flowing with floral ideas for every other human.

After working in various positions prior to my floral adventures, I am thrilled to have finally pursued my passion in the industry I am most comfortable in. The wedding and event industry is exactly where I am meant to be. Here I can help you find the ultimate design for your event as I indulge in my dream to be a designer, floralizer, flower boss and player-of-beautiful-things.

 When I'm not surrounded by blooms I can be found in my favourite cafe, soaking up the sun, drinking coffee, dreaming of travel, adventures, homewares, styling, and how different life would be if I were actually a dolphin.

 * floralize [f. floral + -ize.] trans. To make floral; to adorn with flowers.









| YOU |

You're different! You love nature, lush, beautiful things. You love traditions and you love breaking them. You love the idea of creating or adapting a space to house your special day and all of its perfect moments. You know it's about the atmosphere, the look and feel, the vibe, and you know that you want something unique. You may or may not know what that unique thing is or how to make it happen. That is where I come in, I'm going to bring your daydreams to life! Together we will create something inspiring and exciting, completely bespoke, for your special occasion.